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The treatment for
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Currently only available in Germany.

How Tinnitracks works in 3 easy steps

  • 1
    Select the music files on your computer you wish to use for therapy.
  • 2
    This App filters, analyses and optimizes your music based on your tinnitus frequency.
  • 3
    Start your therapy.

What is Tinnitracks?

Tinnitracks is a web application which allows you to filter your music in order to use it for a new tinnitus therapy that is endorsed by the latest neuroscientific findings. Tinnitracks also highlights your music with a high therapeutic potential thanks to the individual analysis of every single file.

Is this therapy right for me?

Tinnitracks is suitable for tinnitus with the ENT doctor's diagnosis:

  • subjective,
  • chronic,
  • tonal with a stable tinnitus frequency
    (200 Hz - 20 kHz).
  • hearing loss less than 60 dB HL
    (½ octave below the tinnitus frequency).
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What do I need for this therapy?

  • Your tinnitus frequency
  • your favourite music
  • Your smartphone and headphones or your MP3 device

How the therapy works

While different types of therapy used in the past generally only treat the symptoms of tinnitus, Tinnitracks targets the cause of your tinnitus by simply letting you listen to your music after it has been filtered. Tinnitus is caused by abnormally hyperactive nerve cells in the brain's auditory center.

This hyperactivity can be soothed by listening to the individualized filtered music which leads to a long-term tinnitus relief.

The effectiveness of this therapy has been studied and approved in clinical studies.

Administering the therapy

In order to administer the therapy the same way it was administered in the clinical studies,

  • you must listen to your filtered music with high therapeutic potential
  • for 90 minutes per day
  • for at least 12 months.

The offer

  • Individual treatment (tinnitus, music, headphones)
  • Precise filtering, analysis and optimization
  • Fine tune your music for the available headphones (optional)
  • Easy to administer

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